The best super hacks to boost and improve your facebook ads.

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The best super hacks to boost and improve your facebook ads.

1. OBSERVE YOUR COMPETITORS: When you're on social, notice what works for customers, and what doesn't. You can do this by researching your competitors, so look at ads for competing products on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to look out for complaints in the comments section that crop up over and over again, as if your product can address these, you can then emphasise this in your copy.  You'll easily be able to win a slice of their action, if your product can plug the holes in your rival’s product or service by offering customers something that's superior.

Facebook Ads are particularly great for lead generation, remarketing and advertising offers, especially local offers, but will only be effective if they are constructed right.

People buy products and services to solve a problem or to transform something about themselves or their lives. The secret to the most successful brands is their ability to make people feel good about themselves by purchasing their products.

When writing your copy for your Facebook Ads, always think about what brand image you are projecting and keep your copy consistent with your website tone and voice, logo, etc. Make sure you know your audience by using Facebook Audience Insights to get aggregated information about the people connected to your Page, as well as demographic information about Facebook users. 

This way, you can create content that connects, and discover more customers to market to,  like the ones in your current audience.  This is one of the best ways you can optimise your Facebook Ad spend, as by targeting the right types of customers, your results will be 10 X more effective.

2. FACEBOOK LEAD GENERATION ADS THAT ENCOURAGE SIGN UPS:  Get your header right. Outline what you're offering and use your sub-header to be a bit more specific. Your sub-header should ideally tell them more about the lead magnet you are offering. For example, your header could read: "10,000 people to your page - every day!".Then your sub-header could say: "Discover the secrets of unlimited Traffic creation with our FREE Mini Course" In your body copy, it's a great idea to open with a question as this gets people thinking and adds interest.  Remember the AIDA formula? So, if you were selling a course to help people boost their website traffic, and wanted to get sign-ups for your lead magnet mini course, you could say: "Is there an easy way to get a continual stream of web traffic to your page?"

Then you can tease that you have the solution to this question by saying something like: "Find out how you can attract  1000's of ready-to-spend customers to your page - every day - with a simple formula used by advertising experts. Don't tell them what that formula is just yet. Tease a bit more by saying something like: "This formula is so powerful it can take your flagging brand and flip your profit stream around practically overnight!", Then make them desire what you have by introducing it: "Learn how to achieve more sales - FASTER - with my Secrets to unlimited Traffic Mini Course.". Then go into a strong and specific call to action that tells people precisely what to do and exactly what they are going to get if they take that action. For example: "Click through to sign up with your email address and get all my insider secrets totally FREE."

3. FACEBOOK REMARKETING ADS THAT REEL IN CUSTOMERS:  With these types of ads, it's a good idea to lead with social proof.  Alternatively, you can use your lead to bust a common objection customer might have, that would typically prevent them from purchasing. You can feature a testimonial to highlight social proof, paired with a stock image that doesn't look as if it's been professionally shot, to grab attention. Say you use a social proof header like: "My business turned around practically overnight!". You can use some emojis to make your header stand out, maybe some stats, or dollar signs would be appropriate here. Then use your sub header to outline that you can offer the same experience to your customers. "We'll show you how to win more sales - effortlessly.".

You can then go on to follow the rest of the AIDA formula, teasing to add interest, and then introducing your service as the solution to incite desire. So, for example, you could say: "Are your sales flagging?  Tired of pouring money away on Ads and promo but not seeing any results?". There is a solution.  We can make customers come to you, pushing an endless stream of targeted customer traffic to your page.  Make more sales than you've ever dreamed of and get the Secret Formula that will help you boost your Sales and Conversions."

Then use a strong call to action that creates a sense of urgency like: "This course will only be available for a limited time at this price.  Get lifetime access for just $9.99 when you click through to sign up in the next 24 hours.".

4. FACEBOOK OFFER ADS: These are ads that feature an offer or special discount, preferably one that runs for only a limited time.  This is so you can create a sense of scarcity and encourage people to click through and act right now. Let's say you wanted to market a tooth whitening kit.  In your header you could say: "Get 25% off our teeth whitening kits this weekend ONLY!!". Your sub-header could make a claim that outlines a benefit or highlight social proof by saying say: "The No1 rated whitening kit by Beauty Bloggers". Only make claims you can plausibly live up to though, otherwise your ad copy will have the opposite effect you want it to have and will make you look untrustworthy.

For the body copy you could go on to add interest and hit customer's pain points by saying: Yellow stained teeth or dingy looking mouth can severely impact people's perceptions of you, but most whitening toothpastes don't work, and professional whitening is expensive. Then you can incite desire by introducing your product like this: "Our handy, use-at-home teeth whitening kits can brighten your smile by 100% - in just 1 month.  Using the most powerful, legally allowed ingredients out there, they'll makeover your look, so you can get the same sparkling white teeth the Hollywood celebrities have. Finally, you should use a call to action that plays on the sense of urgency you created in your header: "Grab your kit today for just $29.99 in our weekend sale, but hurry and purchase NOW as stocks will sell out fast.".