Top five places to get more inbound links to boost your website ranking?

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Top five places to get more inbound links to boost your website ranking?

Inbound links are hugely helpful if you’re trying to improve your local search ranking, as each one tells Google you are trusted local business. They can also help to boost your domain authority, so you should persist and attempt to obtain as many as you can, as they will help you to raise your Local search ranking with Google. If you’re struggling to win more in-bound links, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. Here are the five BEST ways to win more inbound links, so you can rise to the top of local search results.

1. Ask people you already know: Sit down and make a list of everyone you have a working relationship with, from your suppliers, to neighbouring businesses in your area. Once you’ve done this go to their website and look for pages where they could link to you, or where they already have other links listed from local or relevant companies. You might look for pages where they have listed local resources, or supplier pages where they post the URL of brands who manufacture certain products.

After you’ve done this, get in touch by reaching out with a short, polite email, to politely ask them if they would post a link to you on their website in the relevant place you’ve identified.  It’s easier to do this with people you know, as you’ll have a relationship with them.  Don’t skip suggesting where they can post your link, as you’ll be more likely to get a yes, if you make it easier for them.

Short sample email template you could adapt and use to get more inbound links:


I’m [INSERT YOUR NAME], from [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS], a [INSERT WHAT YOU DO] in [INSERT LOCATION].  As you’re serving the [INSERT LOCATION] community like us too, I’m reaching out to ask if you would consider listing my business on the [INSERT THEIR SUITABLE WEBSITE PAGE] of your website?

My link information is [INSERT YOUR URL LINK] and will direct people to the [main page] of my business website, where they can [INSERT WHAT THEY CAN DO, SHOP, BROWSE, BOOK ETC…]  The link text should be [INSERT YOUR LINK TEXT].

Of course, I’d be happy to post a well-placed link back to your site on my own [INSERT PAGE WHERE YOU POST LINKS] page to give you some reciprocal promotion.  If you’d like me to list your business, please send me the link data you’d like me to post. If you need any other information from me, please get in touch at [INSERT YOUR EMAIL].

Thanks so much for considering my request,




2. Your Chamber of Commerce: Don’t forget your local Chamber of Commerce as this is a great way to get your link on a high authority website. It’s easy to do if you have a real-world location, although you will have to sign up for membership.  The steps you need to take vary, as they depend on each Chamber, and some do require annual fees. It’s worth doing what you need to do to become a member of your Chamber of Commerce, as along with a link for your local brand you nearly always receive a NAP citation too.  Google sees Chamber of Commerce inbound links and citations as extremely relevant, as they’re a high authority, trusted site.

3. Sponsor a local event: If you act as a sponsor for a local event, you’ll nearly always wind up with a link on the event website and will often be able to list your NAP information too. If it’s a regular, long-time, or established event, even better, as this means the website your data appears on will have more authority in the eyes of Google.

4. Your Local News website: Local papers and community news sites always need fresh, relevant content.  If you have a local brand, they are a great way of getting in-bound links from a trusted source.  Do you have anything new going on with your brand?  When you do, you should pitch it to your local newspaper, whether you are re-opening after a revamp, or hosting a special event. Make sure you inform people a few days ahead of the event and take time to craft a short but compelling press release, that lets reporters know what’s going on, and why its relevant to the local community. If your local newspaper does wants to run a story on your business or mention your brand, ALWAYS ensure they have your URL, so you can get that all-important in-bound link.

5. Guest blogging: Engage with online members of your local community who have a blog or website and build up a relationship. Once you’ve created some trust, politely ask if they’d consider offering you a guest blogging spot.  Make sure you have a couple of article ideas ready to pitch, and offer them a spot in return, if you have a blog.  Achieving a guest blog spot is much easier to do, if you’ve taken some time to reach out and chat to people first, so communicate with local businesses on social media, and in the comments of their blog, to create a rapport.  Being actively engaged also helps cement you in people’s minds as a relevant local authority figure.  Post local news, network on local sites, and provide useful resources and links and people will soon start seeing you as a valuable member of the local community.

If you’re finding it difficult to get relevant backlinks, and you’re prepared to pay a small monthly fee, BuzzStream can help you quickly identify and connect with influential local online figures. It lets you search for local influencers, then contact and track them from one place, plus it generates reports on your outreach campaigns, so you can keep on top of your link placement.

If you have a local business, draw up a list of local figures who might be happy to come and pay you a visit.  You can then contact them via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, asking them if they will come down.  You don’t have to offer cash, but make sure you are polite, explain why their visit would be relevant, and offer them an incentive to visit you.  You could offer them a free lunch, free hairstyle, or promotion on your social media, if you have a big following. If do they agree to pay you a visit, make sure you take lots of images and even video, which you can then share on your social media.  Remember to tag in the influencer too, so they can also repost and share, with their own following.