Why you should be using video to promote your business ?

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Why you should be using video to promote your business ?

Video is the most shared content medium, and currently makes up over 80% of all content shared on the internet.  If you pair it with your text copy, by including it as part of a post, or blog article, it can be a great way to up your click through rate. It's always a good idea to use it as your main image of you are going to do this, as more people are likely to click on video related content than any other type of content. Another great way you can use video to turbocharge all your written content is to present your written content using animated video, captioned slideshows, or stock footage, or by using a combination of visuals and voiceovers.

And of course, don't forget the importance of optimising your YouTube Video Descriptions. This is essential to getting found, and for helping people to decide whether they want to watch till the end or not. Your YouTube descriptions should contain highly scoring keywords that are relevant to your topic, interwoven with a clear specific description of what your video is all about. It's very important to specifically describe what people will learn if they watch your video, if you don't want to get bad reviews on YouTube.


There are a few more tips you should remember when it comes to creating great copy everyone wants to read.  Here are the five top tips you need to know to become a copywriting MASTER.

  1. Write short. Don't try and impress your readers with long words and sentences of complicated jargon or waffle. This will only make them do exactly what you don't want and will push them away.  Speak to them in clear, upbeat, short sentences that are easy to digest.
  2. Vary what you say and how you say it. Punctuate your copy with relevant, high impact words and change up what you are saying.  Don't keep repeating yourself or using the same words or phrases again and again as people will just switch off.
  3. Write like you talk. You need to sound relatable and your content needs to flow, for people to engage.  A great way to ensure your content hits these twin goals is to read everything you write out loud. If you do this, you will quickly hear if it doesn't sound right, and will be able to assess whether it sounds like someone talking or not.
  4. Be Exclusive. Don't play it safe and aim to be like everyone else, show customers why you're different and better than your rivals.  If people believe they can't get what you're selling anywhere else, you’ll never want for customers again.
  5. Find out what your customers think. Speak to them in their language. Always appear to be on their side, so avoid coming across as too pushy.  Instead talk to them as a friend might, using trigger phrases and keywords they can relate to.