Why local search engine optimization is crucial to ?

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Why local search engine optimization is crucial to ?

You also need to optimise your content for local search, as this is becoming an ever more important part of any effective SEO strategy. As 43% of all people conducting Google searches are looking for a local brand or service, and 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches, it's vital your content is primed for Local search.  Optimise your title tags, ensuring you get specific.  Generic title tags that don't mention your location won't help people searching for a local business to find your brand.

As well as your title, you'll want to include local terms in your H1 and H2 tags.  You also want to use relevant keywords that people are searching for. H1 and H2 tags are the HTML equivalent of the title and main header on your page and are extremely important when it comes to Local SEO.


Because they tell both Google and Google users that your page is specific to a local area and they show that your page is relevant to a specific topic or niche. Semantic search is also vital when it comes to Local SEO, as Google now ranks pages higher that have a natural array of related words rather than many repetitive or unrelated keywords.  So, write as naturally as possible, incorporating similar phrases and words to your target keywords.

Getting semantic search right will make a fundamental difference to your page rankings, so it definitely deserves your attention if you want to improve your Local SEO. One final factor you should consider if you want to boost your Local SEO is the creation of a community page.  This is an extremely effective way to target all your local content.  A community page could serve as a resource for the local community, where people can regularly find important news and updates about local events. Alternatively, you could create a shopping portal where you link to other local brands and they link back to you.