8 excellent ways to create facebook ad copy that converts.

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8 excellent ways to create facebook ad copy that converts.
  1. Develop a strong brand image and you'll engage more people, faster. Your brand identity will be key here, does your company project an image of elegance, prestige, or is it ultra-cool?  Think about famous brands, like Apple or Pepsi. What image do they project?  How do they make their customers feel?
  2. Focus on the solution: In your Facebook Ad copy, always focus on the lifestyle or personal transformation your product is offering, or the problem your product or service will be solving.
  3. Use social proof: People don't typically trust Facebook Ads, and will usually scroll past, so whenever you get the chance to demonstrate that others have had a positive experience using your product, do so.  You can feature customer written testimonials, reviews, photos with a customer quote, or videos to achieve this, as long as they appear to be genuine.
  4. Use scarcity and the promise of deadlines to up the sense of urgency. A lot of people will delay making a purchase if they think an offer is going to run on forever. But many will click through to buy if you underscore the fact, they will only have a limited time to purchase at a lower price.
  5. Always use an image in your posts. Research has proven this increases your engagement rate by over 100%. You might also want to consider colour choice in your image, did you know yellow has been found to be more effective when used in Facebook Ads than almost any other colour?
  6. Make sure you have a killer headline: And make it relevant to the customer group you are trying to target. After an image, this is the No1 factor that will decide whether people keep reading your Facebook Ad copy.
  7. Be brief: but also be specific enough in your header so your audience can see the relevance. "How YOU can improve your brand image and sell more" is good, "Five ways to brand boost and increase sales" is better.  Use the sub-header to be even more descriptive and tell them exactly what they can expect, I.e. "Get my free sales-boosting minicourse when you enter your email address".
  8. Consider using emojis to enhance your text, especially in your headers. It may seem counterintuitive if you're trying to appear professional, but emojis have been proven to attract more engagement on Facebook than plain text alone.